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How to Disable Facebook Applications

Are you fond of using applications in Facebook that you rarely read and understand what information applications are trying to retrieve from your profile? You could get carried away with the "Allow" button that you didn't notice applications keep posting on your wall and what's more annoying are those spam applications that posts non-sense on your friends wall making you look like an idiot. Spare yourself from this arrogance and follow these quick simple steps to do so.

1. First you must be logged-in to your Facebook account.

2. On the upper-right side of the screen are 3 buttons - Home, Profile, and Account. Click on account and a drop-down menu will show up. Select and click on Privacy settings.

4. On the Privacy Settings page, click Edit your settings for your Apps and Websites.

3. On the Apps, Games, and Websites page, click Edit Settings on the Apps you use row. Once clicked, it will take  you to another page with the list of applications that have access to your profile.
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4. In the next page, there are two options you can choose from to disable unwanted applications.
     a. First is by pressing the small X button on the right hand side.

Press the X button then click Remove on the pop-up window that
 appears to disable the applications access to your information.
     b. Second option is by clicking Edit Settings.

In this option, you can see all the information that is being accessed
 by a certain application. To remove the application, just click Remove app
 and click OK when prompted.

There you go, you have disabled access of an application from your information. You might also be amazed of how many applications have access to your account information. Some of them you might not have used in the past 6 months and some of them you never imagined had access to your account. Start clearing your account for future protection.

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