Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Explorer - The Biggest Burger in Kalibo, Aklan

I have one hobby that I can't really be proud of and that's eating. It makes me fat and unhealthy but sometimes having it in moderation can be good for your mental health. So last Saturday, April 30, 2011, I went back home to Kalibo, Aklan with my soulmate to visit my father who just had a mild stroke.

While we were there, we decided that it's time for another adventure and by adventure we mean eating. So I asked my sister "What place of interest can you recommend for two hungry adventurers?", she replied "The Explorer". By the sound of the name alone makes you curious and that really makes me wonder.

"The Explorer" is a burger shop located at Dr. Gonzaless Street, Kalibo, Aklan. They specialize in making burgers of course but it's not the only thing on their menu. You can really get your mouth salivating with the deadly combination of french fries, nachos, tacos, and every other thing that comes in a burger shop's menu.

Here's some of the food we ate there:
The Xxxplorer Special Burger!

French Fries


The thing I like about this burger shop is that it has a very big burger with a lot of toppings which you can also customize, the burger is actually bigger than at Peri Todd's. The french is quite cheaper compared to other restos and they are crisp and delicious. Service is also good and a thank you by the crew at the end signals the period to a wonderful meal.

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